Our policy plans

Action Plan for Circular food loss and biomass (residual) flows 2021-2025

This plan proposes policies for application over the next five years that will address food loss and the circular use of biomass (residual) flows.

The action plan focuses on three cycles: 
  • Food loss and food waste streams from producer to consumer 
  • Biomass (residual) flows from public space, nature, forestry and landscape management 
  • Wood (residual) flows from industry and households. 
Biomass and food (residual) flows can play an important role in the circular economy. They are renewable, versatile and biodegradable. Within the materials policy, the emphasis is therefore on separation at the source and separate collection of bio-waste from households and companies.  

The three policy objectives that are central to this action plan follow the materials hierarchy and the cascading principle. They form the basis of the management of each cycle.  
  • More prevention, less loss 
  • Better sorting and collection 
  • More, high-quality valorisation. 
The objectives of this Action Plan for the end of 2023, 2025 and 2030 are based on: 
  • the objectives in the EU Waste Framework Directive  
  • the aims of the Government of Flanders (2019-2024)      
  • the contribution of the circular bioeconomy to the objectives of the Flemish Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030.