Our policy plans

Asbestos Abatement Action Plan

This Action Plan strives for an asbestos-safe Flanders through the introduction of an asbestos inventory and the phased removal of high-risk asbestos applications by 2034 and 2040.

In 2018, the Flemish Government approved the Action Plan for Asbestos Abatement. The Action Plan rests on two pillars: a clear regulatory framework and a supporting policy. The regulatory framework includes the introduction of an asbestos inventory requirement for buildings built before 2001. Owners will be required to have an asbestos inventory when selling, from 2021 on. By 2032, the Flemish Government wants owners of buildings constructed in a risk year to have an asbestos inventory. To this end, OVAM will manage a central database and supervise a certification system for recognised asbestos experts. 

The Government of Flanders aims to incentivise owners to remove asbestos applications that appear to be in poor condition, based on the asbestos inventory. Asbestos-cement roofs and facades must be removed by 2034 and other applications in poor condition by 2040. Preliminary regulations already make these milestones mandatory for public buildings. The Government of Flanders is using these dates as provisional target dates for other buildings.