Our policy plans

Circular Economy Roadmap

This CE Roadmap maps out how we can organise our production and consumption systems for food, housing, mobility and comfort in a more circular manner.

A circular economy roadmap will be developed with specific objectives for the use of raw materials. It will focus on measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by means of better cycle closure and on meeting societal needs with fewer raw materials. Space limitations, the symbiosis between industrial actors and partners in production and consumption chains, employment and investment policy considerations will be taken into account.  

The roadmap will be clearly focused on prevention, by means of prioritising measures upstream in the value chain. Just as energy efficiency must increase, so too should material efficiency increase, to achieve CO₂ reductions in production processes and consumption. The circular economy can also function as one of the strategic spearheads of foreign economic policy in the areas of trade, investment, research and international partnerships.