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Launch of the European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC)

News item ยท Oct 24, 2022 2:52:00 PM

Paving the way

The European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC) aims to advance research, share knowledge and improve skills in chemical risk assessment. By doing so, it will help support the European Union's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, paving the way for the "zero pollution" ambition announced in the European Green Deal.

Unprecedented large-scale approach

PARC represents a campaign of unprecedented scale. To date, PARC involves nearly 200 partners from 28 countries, as well as three EU agencies (the European Environment Agency โ€“ EEA, the European Chemicals Agency โ€“ ECHA and the European Food Safety Authority โ€“ EFSA). The partnership encompasses all aspects of chemical risk assessment, aiming in particular to better anticipate emerging risks, better account for combined risks, and underpin the concrete implementation of new orientations in European public policies to safeguard health and the environment. It is bringing into play public partners across the continent, including European and national risk assessment agencies, universities and public research organisations. Five Directorates-General of the European Commission (DG-RTD, DG-GROW, DG-ENV, DG-SANTE and JRC) and the ministries of the countries involved are contributing to the governance of PARC and will monitor its activities. 

Not from scratch

The partnership will build on previous work, in particular the actions undertaken as part of the European Joint Programme HBM4EU (Human Biomonitoring for Europe), which ended in summer 2022. The partnership will build on previous work from different European projects and programmes, like the EURION and ASPIS clusters, EU-ToxRisk, EuroMix.

More info on the PARC programme can be found on the ANSES website.

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