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News item · Jan 25, 2024 2:22:00 PM

To ENSOr, or not to Ensor

In order to address -from a common international perspective- scientific knowledge about pollutants of emerging concern in soil, OVAM has been organising the International workshop on Emerging policy challenges on New SOil contaminants (in short: ENSOr) since 2018. For this 5th edition, sights are set on challenges for diffuse contaminations with emerging contaminants and once again, OVAM aims to gather policy makers, researchers, soil remediation experts, risk assessors, and other interested stakeholders to share experiences and to pave the way forward.

Diffuse soil pollution: a sprawled and actual challenge

Unlike point source pollution (with a clear identifiable source of contamination), diffuse soil pollution is more widespread and originates from sources which are not always identified. As a result, tackling diffuse soil pollution requires a fit-for-purpose approach which may have similarities with the approach taken for point sources, but also important differences. The fifth ENSOr workshop aims to tackle questions as: what is the impact of diffuse soil pollution on the reuse of excavated soil, on ground water supplies and food safety? How to monitor and assess the risks associated with diffuse soil pollution? What policy is needed to tackle diffuse soil pollution resulting from emissions from traffic, agricultural practices, wastewater treating plants discharges, etc.?

ENSOr and Ensor: a festive edition in a festive year

Five editions of the ENSOr workshop, that calls for a party! But there is more to celebrate in 2024: from January 1st to June 30th 2024 Belgium will hold the presidency of the council of the EU and, not for the least, 2024 is the “James Ensor Year” as it is 75 years since this Belgian master of painting passed away.

ENSOr attendee ànd Ensor fan? Register now for the workshop and find out about the free cultural side events on the ENSOr-workshop website.

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