Flanders pilots the circular transition of European cities and regions

OVAM-Circular Flanders is Pilot Region in the EU Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI). The CCRI is a collaboration and support scheme of the European Commission for the growing number of cities and regions that have drawn up action plans and are actively testing and improving circularity in their economic sectors, value chains and services. The Circular Cities and Regions Initiative: One year on | Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (europa.eu).
The pilot regions and cities exchange and collaborate towards making circular economy action plans deliver concrete solutions. Innovative, systemic solutions for transitioning towards a circular economy at urban and regional level still need to be demonstrated and replicated effectively elsewhere. A major challenge is to expand circularity beyond traditional resource recovery in waste and water sectors and make circular solutions sustainable, regenerative, inclusive, and just. By participating as a Pilot in the CCRI the Flanders region showcases the high circularity potential of it's front-running ecosystem. Read more about the CCRI Stakeholders.
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