Overview of our tools

Soil and space

Good practice and decision support tools for integrated approaches in blackfield, brownfield and landfill remediation and redevelopment.


The Cedalion tool is a Decision support tool that evaluates the valorisation and redevelopment potential of landfills. The tool was developed under the RAWFILL project and is part of a comprehensive methodology that supports new business models that address resource recovery and the rehabilitation potential of landfills.

The main goal of the Cedalion tool is to evaluate and prioritise landfills in four different Dynamic Landfill Management scenarios:  
  1. Waste to Materials 
  2. Waste to Land 
  3. Waste to Energy and  
  4. Interim Use 


Landfills with a high valorisation potential, indicated by the Cedalion tool, will be directed to a second step, the Orion tool. A dashboard provides the user with an overview of existing models and tools that could be used when making decisions on the valorisation and rehabilitation of a landfill.

A roadmap will determine the most feasible outcome for a specific landfill - remediation, landfill mining, rehabilitation or interim use. On the basis of this outcome, Orion will indicate the most relevant models and tools to further assess a potential project.  

Phytoremediation Code of Good Practice

The Phytoremediation Code of Good Practice gives guidelines for the implementation of soil remediation through plant-based remediation techniques. The Code includes a detailed description of the existing techniques, explaining the different forms of phytoremediation - phytostabilisation, phytoextraction, phytovolatilisation, phytohydraulics, rhizodegradation.  

Procedures are included for feasibility studies and for the design, management, monitoring and aftercare of soil remediation projects.