Overview of our tools

Waste and circular economy

Good practice and decision support tools for waste, sustainable materials management and circular economy.


The Tool to Optimise the Total Environmental impact of Materials (TOTEM) helps architects determine the environmental footprint of the buildings they design. TOTEM is a digital interface that provides information about building elements and materials.  

The tool is objective and transparent, enabling all actors in the Belgian construction sector to identify and limit the environmental impact of buildings from the start of the design phase. 


The Ecolizer is an ecodesign tool and caters to all designers and companies who want to lower the environmental impact of their products. It calculates the environmental impact of products in each phase of the life cycle of a product. 

Close The Loop platform

Circular Flanders and Flanders DC (which promotes the Flemish creative industries) developed a ‘Close The Loop platform’ to guide fashion entrepreneurs on the basics of a more sustainable way of working. The online platform aims to encourage the fashion industry to embrace a more circular approach.

Symbiosis platform

Buyers and suppliers of valuable materials can meet each other anonymously on the Symbiosis platform. The online symbiosis platform addresses companies, environmental coordinators and consultants, as well as research institutions looking for material flows for a new valorisation technology and organisations looking for reusable materials.