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Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

From 1 January to 30 June 2024, Belgium holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union. OVAM takes on an active role in this Belgian presidency.
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OVAM communication on the Belgian Presidency

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  • OVAM podcast (in Dutch): Episode 5: What is Belgium's role as President of the Council of the EU and what role does OVAM play in this?

Events coordinated by OVAM during the Belgian Presidency

Common Forum on contaminated land – Belgian Soil Week

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During the Soil week, Belgian regional administrations in charge of Soil health in cooperation with international expert networks proposed a set a various initiatives. These initiatives addressed soil health challenges through diverse angles, providing different perspectives on current and future soil management practices. 

- Belgian regions Belgian Regional Administrations and COMMON FORUM joint event on Soil Management initiatives (national and European perspectives) (11/03) 
- COMMON FORUM springtime meeting (12/03) 
- NICOLE & COMMON FORUM joint workshop (13/03) 
- 5th ENSOr Conference (14 & 15/03)

5th ENSOr Conference (14 & 15/03/2024): International workshop on Emerging policy challenges on New SOil contaminants (ENSOr). For the fifth edition of the ENSOr conference, we set our sights on challenges for diffuse contaminations with emerging contaminants.
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The Belgian Presidency of the EU Council is pleased to play a pivotal role as a partner in the World Circular Economy Forum, reflecting the European Union's concerted efforts to transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy. 

To reach the climate goals a systemic change is needed and as President of the Council, Belgium leads the European agenda towards a circular society at all levels of society and promote cooperation among the Member States to reach those goals.

During the WCEF2024 Circular Flanders, Walloon Region, Brussels Region and the federal government, demonstrated how we evolved from experiments and frontrunners to a circular common practice in our companies, cities, knowledge institutes and citizens.

The Circular Economy Forum, a special accelerator session within the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2024), was held on April 17, 2024, at Square in Brussels, Flanders Belgium. Under the theme "Beyond Experimentation: Europe's Leading Role in Mainstreaming Circular Practice", this gathering brought together global stakeholders to explore and advance the adoption of circular economy principles. 

The Forum featured a dynamic program designed to showcase Europe's evolution from experimental initiatives to fully integrating circular practices across all sectors of society. 

Participants were able to delve into policy perspectives, research insights, and real-world case studies aimed at dismantling the linear economy and accelerating the transition towards circularity. The focus on circular economy during the European presidency is self-evident for Flanders Circular. 

The newly published comparative study in Waste Management & Research shows that Belgium leads the EU in terms of transition to a circular economy.

Relive the BE Circular Economy Forum 2024 (Official website)
Circular economy in Belgium: Beyond experimentation (Video)

A futureproof Waste Framework Directive – workshop upon invitation

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On 14 June 2024, OVAM is organizing a workshop with participation from the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, EU Member States and relevant EU sector federations on the future of the EU Waste Framework Directive. The workshop will not discuss the proposal for a targeted revision currently on the table, but will focus on a broader and future-oriented debate about the EU Waste Framework Directive as a whole. The program consists of inspiring keynote speeches, and panel discussion and 6 breakout sessions, addressing; waste prevention – the waste hierarchy – waste/non-waste status/biowaste collection/substances of concern in material loops – incineration in a circular economy. The output of this workshop will be shared with the European Commission to inspire future work.

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