Other products

E-learning platform 

An e-learning platform  has been created in order to stimulate the use and better understanding of RAWFILL methodology. This platform provides three different modules to learn how to use the different tools. It also provides more information on the practicalities and theoretical aspects behind the method. One can select one or more of the e-learning modules. For a better user experience, do the e-learning modules in the prescribed order. At the end of each module there is a quiz, in which a score of 80% is required for the issue of a certificate. 

The Landfill Miner Guide

More background and information can be found in the Landfill Miner Guide. In this guide the RAWFILL partners share their experience-based insights and explain how to conduct a landfill mining project from start to finish. The guide covers how to plan a landfill mining project, how to assess its economic viability and how to execute such a project. The guide contains the following chapters: 

  • The concept of landfill mining; 
  • The legal framework and perspectives; 
  • Geophysical imaging; 
  • Sampling and analysis of waste; 
  • How to organise the data of a landfill using the ELIF framework; 
  • The use of decision support tools; 
  • Tips on what to look out for during the operation; 
  • How to valorise waste; and, 
  • How to manage stakeholders. 

The information is accompanied by six case studies of completed or ongoing landfill mining projects in Europe. 

Booklet on the valorisation potential of landfills (examples from Flanders) 

Lastly, a booklet has been created with examples of landfills and their valorisation potential. At this moment, the booklet contains 13 examples of landfills for which the valorisation potential has been assessed by several soil remediation experts. The examples illustrate the different pathways possible for valorisation of old landfills, depending on the site-specific characteristics. The examples can serve as inspiration for planning a landfill valorisation project.  

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