Our organization

OVAM has proved to be an international frontrunner on sustainable waste and materials policy, soil management and transition to a circular economy.

OVAM - The Public Waste Agency of Flanders - is a government agency falling under the Flanders Minister of the Environment. Since 1981, OVAM has developed Flanders’ policies on waste management, sustainable materials management and the remediation and prevention of soil pollution.

OVAM contributes to policymaking under four, well-defined, strategic objectives
  1. Contributing to the transition to a circular economy  
  2. Dematerialisation of our societal needs and closing material loops 
  3. Restoration of soil services and soil care 
  4. Addressing European and international challenges related to our policy themes  

As a policy regulator, OVAM puts in place a range of economic, regulatory and awareness-raising instruments, always in close cooperation with our partners and stakeholders.

We set long-term strategic goals and develop short-term targets and measures which are more specific and binding, for inclusion in legislation and (policy) action plans.

OVAM thinks and acts ‘glocally’ - using our expertise for supporting cities and municipalities. At the same time, we help to shape new policies at the European and global level.