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Audio Walk Kloosterdeemden

News item ยท Jul 15, 2021 10:04:00 PM
Audio walk in Kloosterbeemden and Demerbroeken

The Kloosterbeemden nature reserve will undergo an impressive metamorphosis in the coming years. Through LIFE Narmena, the Flemish government is working on a cross-fertilization of soil remediation, habitat development and flood risk reduction. 

Curious? Then discover in a sporty way what is about to happen in this nature reserve and do the 6km audio walk in Kloosterbeemden and Demerbroeken. Via the QR codes along the way you will hear the full story while enjoying the beautiful nature.

The walk starts at the parking of the Hemmekes. You can find them at the Ernest Claesstraat 34C, 3271 Zichem.