New Challenges for emerging contaminants and diffuse pollution

Issues with emerging contaminants set new challenges for the policy on diffuse pollution.

In response, OVAM initiated an international multi-stakeholder network, named 'Challenges for emerging soil contaminant governance & policy' (EmConSoil). EmConSoil aims to be an open network for stakeholders from different sectors and countries. The aims are to exchange knowledge, develop strategies and policies, raise awareness and intensify collaboration between all stakeholders. This will be done by information-sharing via a website, conferences, workshops, such as the annual ENSOr (International workshop on Emerging policy challenges on New SOil contaminants), etc.   

Support is needed for (policy) innovation and further enhancement of nature-based solutions for diffuse pollution and for the treatment of remnant pollution, in remediation actions.

Research results are available on Nature-Based Solutions, e.g. OVAM’s projects on nature-based soil remediation solutions, RESANAT and NARMENA. These are innovative, sustainable remediation techniques, in which plants, micro-organisms, minerals, wind and solar power can be used to tackle pollution. Thousands of contaminated sites could be remediated and reused with the help of these techniques.