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Flanders has completely banned landfilling of household waste and significantly reduced the share of waste incineration.

In parallel, recycling and reuse of waste streams are gradually improving. A recycling rate of 92.8% has been achieved in Belgium for all household packaging waste, and the recycling rate of industrial packaging has been increased to 88.8%.  

However, waste prevention and management require innovation and investment in knowledge to achieve additional improvements towards achieving the targets set. With plastics accounting for an increasing share of our waste, the importance of addressing this particular waste stream is clear. The Flemish government has developed an Action Plan on Plastics that came into effect in 2020. This action plan aims to achieve the objectives of the European strategy for plastics in a circular economy. The Plastics Action Plan is one of the implementation plans under the Flemish Waste and Materials Decree, which implements the European Waste Framework Directive. In these plans, the focus is on sustainable materials management, in which the material chain of a service or product is considered as a whole. 

LIFE-IP Cmartlife will implement the Flemish waste management policy, with a specific focus on accelerating and strengthening the Plastics Action Plan. This will be achieved with innovative and effective activities to prevent the loss of recyclable plastics in household and comparable business waste, through strong collaboration with the involved stakeholders.  

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